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About Artis International

Artis International is your gateway to a new opportunity. We are a full-service Import/Export Solutions company based in New York that is equal parts market research and logistics. Our mission is to help both domestic and foreign manufacturers of goods find and hold new footing in markets most suited to the expansion of yours and their brand.

Domestic Manufacturers

Artis International exists on the domestic side to help source materials to lower the production cost for US manufacturers while maintaining secure jobs in the USA. We will assist in finding new markets, as well as organize shipments and distribution, where your company’s products have the opportunity to expand and to continue to thrive. Artis International’s main objective is to drive growth, profits, and further development of our workforce.

Foreign Manufacturers

With respect to foreign manufacturers, we specialize in assisting to move you into and to work with the American trade market. Artis International works with shippers and distributors to find the best solution for your unique expansion into the western market while minimizing the risks typically involved with in such a venture; best of all we offer most of these services at no cost to you!

Artis International Works to Secure Goods

For domestic and foreign distributors alike Artis International works to help secure goods from our manufacturers, domestic or foreign, that may not have the means to invest the manpower into international trade or may be too uncomfortable with taking on the other risks of doing such business internationally.

The Driving Force of Your International Growth

Artis International is your representative, logistics, and your point man on foreign soil. We are the driving force of your international growth. Regardless of where you're located or what successes you've had, there is no reason you can't increase your margins or begin your expansion today.

Free Consultation

If you would like to see how we could best help your business please contact us for a free, no-commitment consultation.

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